What is Valenz?

Valenz is a Family Owned business located in Los Angeles, CA founded in 2013. Valenz is a high end creative space focused on everything related to Handbags.
Valenz Hardware: Designing and developing high end quality hardware used specifically for handbags and leather goods as well as developing custom hardware that fit your design and branding needs. Our showroom is located in Los Angeles and is open to the public.
Valenz Leather: Developing and Manufacturing Handbags and Samples in our factory in Los Angeles. Quality is our primary focus as everything we produce is handmade with care and of the finest materials.
Valenz Handmade: Our own line of handbags and leather goods. Check it out for yourself at the Valenz Handmade website!
Our showroom and factory is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles:
1418 Newton St Los Angeles, CA 90021